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Delaware County Office of Judicial Support System

SELECT --> Civil Case Docket:   
Or --> Civil Judgment Index:   
THEN --> Search by NAME - Last Name
First Name
Or--> Company
            Last Name or Company required.    Partial Names accepted in all 3 fields.

OR --> Search by CASE Number
            Please type the complete 9-digit case number,
            including dash.  Examples: '01-600000', '89-000100'.

This system includes OJS Civil Dockets from January 1, 1986 through March 7, 2013
This system includes Judgments entered from August 20, 1990 through March 7, 2013
Please take NOTE of the following system backup schedule, when Civil Dockets and Judgment Indexes will be unavailable.
Office of Judicial Support:  Tuesday7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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