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Delaware County Real Estate Parcels & Tax Records System
and Homestead Status

Search by ADDRESS for a list of properties
Optional House Number
Optionally enter 1-4 digit house number above
before selecting street

OR --> Search by FOLIO Number for a detail listing of the property
            Please type the complete 11-digit folio number,
            including dashes.  Examples: '01-23-45678-90', '89-67-34534-67'.

OR --> Search by a MAP Number for a list of properties
            Please type the complete 11-digit map number,
            including spaces and dashes.  Examples: '01-23x-456-789', '89-5xx-0xx-234' Where x is a space.

Please take NOTE of the following system backup schedule, when the Real Estate and Tax Records system will be unavailable.
Real Estate and Tax Records:  Tuesday6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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